No sect in the World

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No sect in the world can to masons compare (ou :  with masons) est une chanson datant du XVIIIe, composée par William Boyce (ci-contre).

Nous en avons trouvé ici le texte, reproduit ci-dessous.

Une partition est donnée par Smollet HOLDEN dans son recueil de 1795, A Selection of Masonic Songs (n° 12, pp. 24-5) .

La chanson a été enregistrée par The Provincial Male Voice Choir of Northants & Hunts dans son CD (NHMMVC1, épuisé) de chansons maçonniques The Tip of the Iceberg, et vous pouvez entendre le début de cet enregistrement.

No sect in the world can with Masons compare,
So ancient, so noble the badge is they wear,
That all other orders, however esteemed,
Inferior to Masonry justly are deemed.


We always are free,
And for ever agree,
Supporting each other,
Brother helps brother,
No mortals on earth are so friendly as we.

When first attic fire mortals’ glory became,
Though small was the spark, it soon grew to a flame ;
As Phoebus celestial, transcendently bright;
It spreads o'er the world a fresh torrent of light.

We always, &c.

The greatest of monarchs, the wisest of men,
Freemasonry honoured again and again ;
And nobles have quitted all other delights,
With joy to preside o'er our mystical rites.

We always, &c.

Though some may pretend we've no secrets to know, 
Such idle opinions their ignorance show ; 
While others, with rapture, cry out -“ They’re revealed !"
In Freemason’s bosoms they still lie concealed.

We always, &c.

Coxcomical pedants may say what they can,
Abuse us, and laugh at our plan,
We’ll ternper our mortar, enliven our souls,
And join in a. chorus o’er full-flowing bowls.

We always, &c. 

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